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 Union more perfected, justice established,             Liberty-blessed for some, for progeny. Landholding fathers, founding brothers,             Birth-givers to the first gene. Calling on God and Reason as kinfolk,             Amending, rights-billing from the start.                         Join Or Die.                         Constituted.                         Eighty seven.     Fissure, rebellion, crisis, justice suspended,            Read More…

Fifth of June

I was at the Magic Kingdom, alone,                         Fittingly lone,             Just stepping off the Carousel of Progress,             Still, “These are the Times”-ing             When the phone, belt-clipped, rang             With atonal, casual urgency.   Overwhelmed by the sun, I sought shadow-                         Obscured, heated             Preparation for theRead More…

New Pillow

In the last days, before I was convinced to finally part with her, I would crawl under the covers and lay my head upon her, knowing that her days were not unnumbered, The single constant that had accompanied me since childhood- thirty years, at least, my quiet sleeping companion. SheRead More…

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