One Cent in Manhattan: A meditation on pennies.

Walden: Hitchcock meets Emerson meets Thoreau meets WTF.

Words: Remember saving up for your first solo trip to a bookstore?

Rocking Chair: That time you signed up to go to war and won the girl on the same day.

Flag: Thunderstorms and Red, White, and Blue rainbows.

Crochet: Handmade secrets and jumping out of airplanes.

Bait: The horrors of graduating from bread to shrimp.

Equilateral: All sides and all angles are the same, except in matters of the heart.

Football: Making it to third base on the gridiron.

Princess: Purple Rain The Day the Music Died.

Bloom: Popping cherries in the orange grove..

Merry Go Round: Hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned.

Arbitrage: When shots lead to crabs.

Sale: Extreme garage sale-ing taken to the absurd extreme.

Flight: Belching through a trail of vodka, cilantro and ice-cold beer. And Vodka.

Choke: Post-menopausal strippers and earning your way onto the wall-of-fame.

Obtuse: OR completely clueless?

Ring: Shiny disco eight balls and all that glitters.

Dips: Saying, “I love you,” when all she wants to do is fuck.

Unborn: Because you can’t die if you’re never really alive, unless you’re dark energy.

Sleep: When rage yields revenge and it eats you up from the inside out.

Borges: Rip Van Winkle meets Einstein between time, space, and slumber.

Doritos: The most epic battle ever over a bag of nacho flavored chips.

Acute: Even in a three-way, there’s always an odd man out.

Juans: Military experiment goes horribly wrong at a luxury condo.

Fire: Tangling webs just to burn them down.

Blast: What if Sirhan Sirhan used a bomb and the candidate was not a Kennedy?

Briarpatch: Finally, meet your narrator and main character as the heavens collapse.