Black Kettle

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Picking up where the fragmented narrative of Momentitiousness (2013) left off, Black Kettle (as in “calling the…” inverted) explores the many manifestations of hope and deceit in the human experience. Connected into “Novella Collections,” sweet, sensual, sadistic, sullen, and independently complete stories burst forth with playful vigor.

Propelled from the remnants of the COMA, heroes, antiheroes, and the shape-shifting story-host, Doctor, from Momentitiousness recur with verve, depth, and narrative force. Using the true story and archival documentation about Black Kettle—a peaceful Cheyenne Indian chief whose betrayal by the manifest-destined Americans during the 1860s led to his gruesome slaughter—as a metaphorical backdrop, the text builds on the ambivalence inherent in hypocrisy.

In Novella, BLACK KETTLE, witness the moments immediately preceding, during, and after two galactic earth-shattering events: The Joy-campaign and The Day of Fire.

In Novella, TRAYVON, witness the moments when young men discover the shifting tangents connected by sexuality, love, and family.

In Novella, THE NOLA TRILOGY, witness the moments where carnal pleasure morphs into sentimentality, heartbreak, and rebirth.

More than blood and guts and sex and post-apocalyptical musing, Black Kettle derives its power from an understanding of both the human mind and the human soul. Breached yet not fully reconciled, the battles between knowledge-myth, fact-fiction, between the living-undead, and between earth-universe converge with imaginative and poignant force.