Black Kettle–Synopses

Staring into the Sun: Learn how to see the heavens like a half-blind pug.

Black Kettle: Story of a peace-loving Cheyenne Indian Chief betrayed by America’s manifest destiny.

Sand Creek: Eccentric, sandcastle-building kid witnesses first stages of Armageddon.

Episode One: Scientists resurrect Nazi science experiment and reshape America.

Queue: The psychology of standing in line for all the wrong reasons.

Barb/Rebarb: Canibalistic sociopath eats his way through first love.

MissGyver: Magical umbrellas and angry egg-shooters.

Peter Piper: Picking pecks of zombie-warding pickles.

Slate: Touching the multiverse with cheap cocaine and Tabasco.

Tad: Re-telling Tomas Mann’s Death in Venice: Fucking, star-crossed lunatic.

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Chances: Even large penises have their drawbacks.

Hike: Twisting ankles into freshman philosophy.

Big Gulp: Face bullies with 64 ounces of carbonated sweetness mixed in sugar water.

Hoops: Assisting over scoring.

Bang: The infamous grey hoodie story re-contextualized.

Baptizer: Re-writing a blood bath into a love story.

Unclear: When a homemade halloween ghost costume looks strangely KKKish.

Civics: A Honda becomes the setting for romantic discovery.

Mirrors: If step brothers fall in love with each other, is that so wrong?

Claire: How to be a Huxtable in the absence of other role models.

First period: Menstruation for beginners.

Carraway: Ciagra, Crystal Meth, self absorption, and lots of messy sex. Fitzgerald revisited.

Feast: Thanksgiving dinner with competing Mothers-in-law. And their respective gravies.

Jackson: If you were a bronze statue in New Orleans and if that statue were melted.Pusher: Madame, pot-dealer lesbian sucks and blows her way into the art world.

Tangencies: Father Abraham, Abraham Lincoln, Sodom, America, Bible, Congressional archives.