As y’all may know, I have been writing poetry and short stories since my youth. When I started my grad work at UCF, it was with the intention of working toward developing and publishing my creative work. My studies have since taken me in a much more critical/theoretical direction and I have not been able to put the effort into developing my creative work as much.

Nonetheless, I feel like I have some great stuff to share with the people that are important in my life. I have actually compiled 6 books of poetry but have not pursued traditional publishing. Instead, I have decided to share my poetry with my closest friends and family. l am committing to sharing a special piece with each of you every Sunday, starting today.

While there is logic to the external compilations from which I am pulling these, you will find a randomness in how I present them here: irreverent, sappy, immature, critical. They also come from different times in my life, mostly starting around 1998, and often corresponding to life events, most notably Art, Ryan, Matthew, Steven, and Jason (ugh, how long does this list have to get?) Ultimately, I expect that these pieces are to be enjoyed as discrete word masses which will eventually present an as-yet undefined narrative unto itself.

Please Enjoy and check back often.


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